Studi Kaliberasi Citra Asar Envisat untuk Aplikasi Biomasa pada Hutan Tanaman Industri Pelalawan, Riau

Envisat (Environment Satellite) an active system of remote sensing lunched by ESA (European Space Agency) for environmental mission, carries an array of many sophisticated sensors and instruments. One of the instrument is ASAR (Asar Advanced Aperature Radar) wicha can detect changes in surface heights with sub-millimeter precision. The data that Envisat ASAR instrument gained is helpful for natural and land resource inventory, especially for a big amount of natural and land resource country, like Indonesia. The Data needs to be process. Basic Envisat SAR Toolbox (BEST) issued by ESA has a module to calibrate Envisat ASAR products, but if it is used to calibrate ASAR image that scan tripics the calibrated images will not be good enough, so it needs to be corrected throught CAL module.


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